Kitchen Preparations

Life in the kitchen is made easier if you have small appliances and utensils at hand. To prepare vegetables, invest in all or some of the following items.


It is a good household appliance for chopping, puréeing or liquefying.

Although it is not as versatile as a food processor, it is preferable to use it when it involves only a small amount of food.

A hand blender is a narrow device that is held in the hand and is convenient for making sauces and purées.

This type of blender can be immersed directly into the pot to purée a soup or tomato sauce.

It can also be immersed in liquid substances in a large glass to mix a smoothie or frappé.


They are made of plastic or metal, with large holes to allow liquids to drain quickly.

A metal strainer can be inserted into a large saucepan to use as a steamer.

Cutting boards

They are made of wood, hard rubber, acrylic or plastic. There is no evidence that one is better or safer than the others.

The important thing is to use separate cutting boards for animal and plant foods to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination of raw meat, poultry and seafood with uncooked vegetables and fruit.

Also, don’t forget to wash all types of boards very carefully in very hot water.

Food processor

Useful when you need to chop, grate or purée large quantities.

Miniature food processors are ideal for chopping or grinding small amounts of food or herbs.

To chop or grate very small quantities, it is more efficient (and less messy) to use a knife or rasp.


They are available in several shapes and sizes.

A four-sided grater is good for grating and slicing vegetables and cheese.

The extra-fine grating can be done with a small hand grater.


Ideal for slicing a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The classic mandolin has interchangeable blades for slicing, julienned or wavy and embossed cuts.

Keep a mandolin in place to prevent injury.

  1. Mash press
    It is not only useful for potatoes: it can also be used for squash, carrots, cooked sweet potatoes and many other root vegetables.
  2. Salad spinner
    Practical for drying salad leaves and herbs quickly and evenly.
  3. Kitchen scissors
    Used to cut fresh parsley and other herbs.

Kitchen scissors are useful for other culinary tasks such as cutting pastries and meats to cut through poultry bones.

Baking oven

Consists of an upper cauldron with a perforated mesh or bottom that fits into a larger cauldron, which contains water, broth or any mixture of liquids.

Stackable bamboo or metal steamers that are designed to hold two or three layers of food can be placed on a frying pan or saucepan.
For small amounts of food, a foldable metal daisy that fits inside a medium or large pot is useful and inexpensive.

The foldable plastic steamers are suitable for use in a microwave oven.

If you do not have a steamer, you can improvise using a metal strainer or wire mesh sieve in a large pot. Cover the pan to keep the vapours hot.

Steaming is an easy, quick and ideal cooking method to retain essential nutrients.


Use on top of a bowl to drain liquids from solids. Screens are also used to screen and separate fine particles.

They are available in a range of sizes and manufactured from wire mesh of different sizes connected to a ring frame.

Vegetable peeler

Many people find them easier to use than a paring knife.

It is not worth spending a lot of money to get one. Discard and replace once the blade becomes dull.

In the kitchen, in the pastry laboratory or at the bar, good utensils make great creations possible! We have selected all the small equipment you need to deploy all your talent.

Cooking utensils

Water bath, pressure cooker, stainless steel or polycarbonate gastro trays, aluminium trays and roasting trays… all the basic utensils for your kitchen.

More specifically, cooked pasta, pizza equipment, paella dishes… meet your specific needs according to your menu or your type of catering.

But also, our torches are essential to caramelize your crème brulées or brown your Norwegian omelettes.

Cookware set

The essentials in cooking for cooking: pots, pans, casseroles, pots and pans, pans…

Did you know that each cooking method has its own material?

Steel for gripping, grilling and gilding. Stainless steel to control cooking evenly. Aluminium for its fast transmission. The ideal non-stick for simmering or heating.

For special cooking: deep fryer, grill and smoker, couscous and fishmonger, or fondue and raclette and pizza utensils are at your disposal.

Kitchen equipment

Our small kitchen equipment: mandolin, grater, chopper, peeler, pitted… allow you to make all your preparations, recipes and decorations.

To pass your sauces: sauce pass, strainer, Chinese, stamens allow you to filter your preparations.

To control your cold and hot connections, or to cook with precision, our control thermometers, and specific cooking thermometers bring you all the necessary rigour and precision.

Very practical: dispensers and funnels complete the equipment.

The butcher’s shop is a story of men but also… of knives!

To meet the requirements of professionals in the sector, METRO completes its range with the marketing of two brands of excellence recognized by the profession: Victorinox and Fischer Bargoin.

The M’MINIS copper cooking range

Made of copper or stainless steel, these exceptional cooking utensils have been manufactured by Mauviel since 1830. This company, based in the city of Villedieu-Les-Poêle (considered the city of copper for 800 years), equips the kitchens of the world’s leading restaurants.

This collection is guaranteed for life against all manufacturing defects. In stainless steel version, it is compatible with induction. Tail, handle and knob are made of bronze in both versions.

Casseroles, casseroles, casseroles, sauté pans or frying pans are available in mini versions ranging from 7 to 12 cm depending on the model. They are therefore reserved for the preparation of sauces or individual dishes.

Reserve them a place of choice for your table service, their elegance and prestigious workmanship make them a chic and gastronomic decorative element.

Cooking should not be an overwhelming chore. Keep this guide in mind and equip your kitchen with the right tools so that you can cook a delicious meal with ease.