Getting Started In The Kitchen

Are you going into baking? Well done, it’s never too late to learn how to make good cakes! But above all, make it easier for yourself with recipes adapted to your level.

To learn or review your sweet classics, find all our grandmother’s desserts.

Making a cake is as easy as 1-2-3 for some people. But for others (those who would almost never have tried the experiment and who are shy about it), it’s another story! Order of ingredients, methods of mixing them, cooking methods, respect for times and temperatures…. Pastry making is a precise art, and it can sometimes frighten by its complexity.

So to get started, it is better to choose recipes for cakes that are easy to make. Apprentice cooks will be less stressed, have a better command of the process, and above all, they will enjoy more, because their dessert will be delicious, that’s for sure. Moreover, starting with the simplest will build confidence and then attack more complex recipes.

So let’s go for our selection of cakes that are easy to prepare but no less delicious. On the agenda? Novices are spoilt for choice with the classic yogurt cake, apple cake, chocolate cake, cranberry muffins, banana cake, vanilla madeleines, Tagada strawberry cake, or (among other delicacies) chocolate chip muffins. All these recipes being, as you will have understood, simple to make… Don’t wait any longer, test them!

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Right now, I don’t see any other questions… but if I may (and I allow myself because it’s my blog…)

  • Cooking is something to watch out for. I have an oven that burns out and cooks quickly. But I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to start a cooking and only come back when the oven alarm sounds.
  • Traditional heat or rotating heat: for me it is traditional heat. I don’t like the rotating heat in baking in general.
  • Metal or silicone mold: I hate silicone molds. These things don’t make no sense. I like the crust. So I’m totally avoiding
  • Once it is cooked: I let it cool slightly, I turn it upside down on a rack and let it cool completely before placing the cake in the fridge for a few hours. I NEVER work on a cake that comes out of the oven.
  • To prevent the cake from sticking to the mould: with the old “flour + butter”. I don’t like cutting parchment paper, and I even less like non-stick spray (it stinks).

That’s it, I hope these tips will be useful to you. I have sometimes discussed the subject on the facebook page of the blog. Proof of this is that you miss things if you don’t follow it. 😀 Above all, don’t hesitate to share your tips!