Start Easily In The Kitchen With My Advice!

Do you like good food, the taste of good food and the good smells that titillate you? It is not a sin to be greedy, while remaining reasonable of course. Loving good food doesn’t necessarily mean extra pounds afterwards. You can eat to your heart’s content and make interesting dishes without putting too much fat in them! In addition, you are tired of always spending hundreds of euros in a restaurant every time you want to eat something delicious. So it’s time to start cooking.

If you’ve never done it at home, it doesn’t matter. Besides, there’s a beginning to everything as they say! Everyone can learn to cook, even without any talent, don’t worry. So I’ve prepared this little article to give you a helping hand, some tips that will help you progress in a light and succulent cuisine, as quickly as possible. I reassure you, it’s not as difficult as it sounds, even if you’ll probably have a hard time at first!

Get all the necessary utensils

What do you need to learn to cook? If you are not used to using your kitchen, I think you will have to do some shopping because plates and a microwave are usually not enough to prepare interesting dishes. You must therefore bring kitchen utensils, which are essential to help you prepare properly.

Of course, you need all kinds of bowls, dead ends, knives, ladles and all that sort of thing. The most important thing is to have an oven. I advise you to use an electric oven, I’m not a big fan of microwaves, but it can also do the trick if you don’t want to invest too much to get started.

You must also take pots, pans and pans. Concerning the latter, your goal is to cook light to avoid cellulite while eating like everyone else and to your satisfaction, so I advise you to take the right utensils to cook. I am of course talking about non-stick pans and pans, there are also silicone pans for baking.

Indeed, it avoids you having a heavy hand on the use of oil or butter that you must put in quantity for conventional stoves so that it does not stick. Normally, they allow you to use only the fat from the meat, for example, and not to add anything more. If the recipe you have chosen really requires the use of fat, I advise you to take an oil spray or a brush to add it to your dishes.

I absolutely recommend that you get a wok in your kitchen! It is the flagship utensil in the kitchen for making healthy and quick meals! I must admit that I am a big fan of it because it allows you to make dishes very quickly. To sauté vegetables or meat, there is nothing better, it doesn’t stick and you can use it for both small and large quantities.

Learn to control cooking

Between us, for a healthy cuisine, I advise you to always rely on healthy cooking as well, those that are not too long and allow you to preserve the nutrients in the ingredients you will use. But what is this healthy cooking I’m talking about?

First, of course, there is steaming. It is ideal especially for vegetables, but also for meat and various other preparations. Steaming allows you to keep many of the nutrients in your vegetables and meats, but in addition, it allows you to keep beautiful colours. We all know how greedy the eyes are! Beautiful colours on a beautiful plate are always great.

For fish and meat, the papillote is also a great idea. You can do wonders that way, I assure you. In addition, it once again allows you to retain nutrients in your dishes, but to enhance flavours more easily, and more importantly, to use as little oil as possible.

For a healthy cooking, the oven is also the ally of all home cooks. Indeed, you can let the chicken roast gently or other dishes in the oven while you go polish your nails or make yourself a mask, we are quiet with it and we can do everything in it, even cook hard-boiled eggs! Isn’t that nice, don’t you think?

Choose recipes that are easy to make to get started

To get a good start in the kitchen, I don’t think it would be a good idea to start with dishes that are too difficult to make. The best way is to find easy recipes to help you master the basics. Speaking of basics, you also have to learn the simplest tricks, if you didn’t know them, like making a good dressing for example. You thought you knew how to do it and then once you try it, you don’t.